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1% pay cap for NHS Staff deemed unsustainable

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 1st November 2016 | Category: General News

The RCN and 12 other unions called for a return to UK-wide pay scales in their annual submission to the NHS pay review body, with staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland receiving the same rates as those in Scotland.

RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary Janet Davies said that if pay for nursing staff continued to fall in real terms patient care would be at risk.

“Nursing staff have endured a declining standard of living for six years because of their commitment to caring for their patients, but they can only be stretched so far and we are now in the grips of a recruitment and retention crisis,” said Janet.

“At a time when the gap in earnings between nursing staff and other graduate professions is growing, the 1% pay cap for NHS staff is unsustainable.

“Trusts are already struggling to recruit, and with an ageing workforce will find it increasingly difficult to persuade nurses to keep working.

She also said: “This recommendation is not just about treating staff fairly for the work they are doing – it is about getting a grip on workforce planning in the NHS and helping trusts to recruit and retain the staff they need to provide safe patient care.”

The lowest paid NHS employees will be earning less than the minimum wage within five years says the submission to the PRB, Unless the current 1% pay cap is scrapped.

It also adds that the Government should not fund wage rises for low-paid staff by taking money from the rest of the NHS workforce, instead it calls for a £280m investment in the health service by the end of the decade.

Following the union’s submission, the PRB will make a recommendation on NHS pay to the Government, which then makes a final decision.

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