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3 Common interview mistakes candidates make when going for a job in care

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 6th December 2016 | Category: General News, New Services, Recruitment, Uncategorized

Are you getting lots of interviews but no actual job offers? You might want to take a closer look at the messages you’re giving employers. We’ve compiled a list of 3 common mistakes candidates make when going for a job in care.

1. You don’t show enthusiasm

Many candidates fail in interviews because they don’t portray enough enthusiasm for the job.

Sometimes nerves can make you concentrate so hard on what you want to say, that the delivery comes across as bland.

Expect to be asked why you want the job, or why you chose care as a career.

You can do this by planning, but not over-rehearsing the question, you’ll sound keen and passionate about the role.

2. You don’t proove your strengths

When asked to talk about your strengths, don’t simply list the qualities you think the employer wants to hear. You need to provide examples to support the claims you make.

Think about three qualities that are relevant to the job and provide evidence to support each point. For example, you might say:

“I am an excellent communicator and able to build a good relationship with patients. I have received great feedback from my patients who describe me as empathic, a good listener, and say that I take time to explain procedures clearly.

3. Bad mouthing previous employers

No matter what has happened between you and your previous employer, never badmouth a person or organisation you have worked with. Even subtle hints and facial expressions can leave the interviewer with a negative impression.

When asked why you’re leaving your current job, there is always a way to put a positive spin on a negative situation.

You might say:

“I’ve learnt a lot from my current role and feel proud that I’ve made a difference in helping patients, but I’m now looking for a new challenge in care.”

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