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Care staff to be offered work-place physiotherapy to help keep health and fitness on top of the agenda

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 10th November 2016 | Category: General News

Staff offered work-place exercise advice to help keep health and fitness on top of the agenda. Operating homes in Lancashire and Bristol, Springhill Care Group has teamed up with a professional physiotherapist, Andy Stenner, to help design a range of exercises that can be done during the day to help keep muscles flexible without placing strain on the body.

These exercises include sit-to-stand exercises which see staff simply standing up from a sitting position, and marching on the spot and step-ups which can be done on a set of stairs.

“Helping our staff stay fit and healthy is a key priority for us. Working in the care profession can involve long days and nights, often eating on the fly during a spare moment. Said Virginia Perkins, head of human resources at the Springhill Care Group.

“It’s tough to stay healthy in that environment, so our initiatives are doing everything they can to help. We recently made pedometers available to staff to help them track their steps during the day, and this is another simple way they can keep healthy in the workplace.

“We’re putting up posters in staff areas which they can refer to in a spare moment, and we’ll also be making them available on social media for other professionals to take advantage of.”

Springhill Care Group launched the Caring Heroes campaign, aiming to shine a light on the often unseen work by care professionals.

The group has also handed out pedometers to every one of its 400-plus employees, to encourage them to take an interest in their fitness level and staff also benefit from regular visits from a registered nurse to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and BMI.

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