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Christmas is the ‘most isolating’ time of year to be living with Alzheimers – you can make a difference

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 13th December 2016 | Category: General News

More than half of people affected by dementia have revealed that Christmas is the most lonely time of the year for them – care staff across the UK have been making a difference.

A study by Alzheimer’s Society has revealed that many people with dementia were ‘worrying’ about the festive season and 54% said they see their friends and families less often during the festive season than they did before they received a dementia diagnosis.

The survey further revealed that 4/10 people found Christmas shopping more challenging as the shops were too busy and almost all respondents (98%) said they felt that customer service personnel were not good at supporting people with dementia at Christmas.

Nearly one-quarter of respondents said they thought that decorations such as Christmas lights and trees could be overwhelming or confusing.

Half of those surveyed said they felt that the change in their routine over the festive season was stressful. More than one-third said they felt the extra noise associated with the excitement of the festive season was frightening or stressful and 31 per cent said they felt preparing Christmas dinner was challenging.

Despite these challenges, survey participants affected also revealed that there are things that can be done to help make Christmas more enjoyable for those with dementia.

This could include seeing friends and family more frequently and keeping to their daily routine as much as possible, such as set meal times as well as sharing personal experiences with others in a similar situation, these things were considered to be key to having the best possible Christmas.

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