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Are councils failing the elderly on homecare costs?

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 27th October 2016 | Category: General News

Councils across the UK are failing to pay enough towards the cost of caring for older people in their homes, according to a report by The UK Home Care Association.

They found just one in 10 local authorities are paying agencies a minimum of £16.70 an hour – with the national average £2.12 below this figure.

They also warned that the underspend means “taking major risks with people’s wellbeing” and said, “underfunded home care is an urgent situation”.

The industry body calculates its £16.70 hourly minimum price based on care worker costs, running the business, as well as profit and surplus.

Its report, using data obtained through freedom of information requests to 208 authorities, showed the average hourly price paid by councils across the UK was £14.58.

In England, this was £14.66, Wales £14.99, Scotland £14.74 and £12.35 in Northern Ireland.

The body discovered seven councils were paying average rates so low it was “unlikely to cover even the direct costs of employing home care workers”, which it estimated to be £11.94 an hour.

These included Blackburn with Darwen on £11.04, North Tyneside on £11.27, Sefton on £11.49 and South Tyneside on £11.55.

At the other end of the spectrum, Oxfordshire pays the highest average price of £19.81, followed by Bath and North East Somerset on £19.59.


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