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‘Eldercare’ Vouchers are being urged as a solution to social care costs

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 22nd November 2016 | Category: General News

Chancellor Philip Hammond is being urged to help the public prepare for their social care costs and introduce ‘eldercare’ vouchers.

Former Britain’s Pensions Minister, Ros Altmann, said: “This should have been done years ago, but successive governments have failed to offer any help.

“Our system is so broken nobody understands what the state will cover and what they need to do for themselves. At the moment the NHS may pick up all your care or none. There is no incentive anywhere in the system to help you prepare for social care.”

Baroness Altmann, who served in David Cameron’s Government, urges firms to offer ‘eldercare vouchers’ highly similar to the childcare voucher scheme already in place as tax relief.

A number of different companies already offer services to help employees work and support older loved ones.

Some firms have already signed up to Employers for Carers, to get advice on how to create ‘carer’ friendly policies.

It is also recommended that a new ISA could be introduced by Chancellor Hammond to help people save for care.

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