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Explaining dementia to children: All you need to know

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 20th December 2016 | Category: General News

A care home in Leicestershire, has been boosting awareness and promoting the science of dementia, by inviting children from a primary school to come and look around the home and see for themselves the impact it can have.

The group of Year 6 children from Heatherbrook Primary School visited Beaumont Hall care home, where they were shown a cauliflower illuminated with fairy lights, to explain how a person with dementia can lose certain primary brain functions.

Teacher Matthew Parker said:

“We were doing care homes in one of our literacy units and I found the children’s experience of a care home and dementia was pretty limited. I wanted them to really know what it is like in a care home and the sounds and the smells that would be there as they had no idea. So I approached Beaumont Hall.

“It was lovely there. The children got to join in with the armchair pom pom dancing session and they loved that. They didn’t expect to find all these facilities in a care home and were surprised at how well-equipped it was.”

Front of house manager and dementia champion, Tracey Payne, was able to help develop the children’s understanding of dementia – a key feature in the book they were studying as the grandfather in it cannot remember where the heirlooms are hidden and slips in and out of lucidity.

Ms Payne said:

“I am very passionate about changing people’s perceptions of care homes. Those who have never visited before are often surprised at the amazing facilities we have and the activities on offer. It was also great to pass on some knowledge of dementia to the local children and help raise awareness to the next generation.

The children had a tour of the building complete with cinema room, coffee shop and hairdressers.

Brian Nshombo said that Beaumont Hall was not as he expected at all and Jamie-Leigh Cattell said “I really enjoyed looking at all the rooms they had – I think the cinema room was the best”.

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