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Looking to do some good? Switch to healthcare

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 2nd January 2017 | Category: General News

It will come as little surprise to most that January is the most popular month of the year to look for a new job.

For many, that simply means a new role or a sideways move, but over the Christmas period, some of you might have started to ponder a career overhaul, often in a more meaningful environment, such as healthcare.

We asked a healthcare professional about how to make the move, and offers some advice on what to expect.

“Over the Christmas period, the majority of us spend time with our families, and perhaps elderly relatives, so it’s natural for people to reflect and consider if they could be doing something more meaningful with their career. It’s not necessarily about making resolutions, it’s more about ‘what’s next for me?’”

“The current trend of mindfulness is prompting people to consider a role that involves ‘giving something back’, as society becomes increasingly conscious of how personal fulfillment can have a positive impact on our general wellbeing.

We’re also more aware of the needs of society and the pressure that public services are under, given the recent budget cuts in some areas. Healthcare is a growing profession. After all, we’re an aging population and there are some great opportunities within the healthcare sector to not only build a strong career but to make a difference to the lives of hundred of thousands of people.

Getting the wrong idea

“There are a number of misconceptions about working in healthcare, however. Some believe that they’d have to take a pay cut to make the move, but that might not be the case. Larger organisations may be able to match your salary.

But if you’d like to move into a charity or social enterprise setting, chances are that you’ll have to sacrifice some of your income. And this is what, in many cases, distinguishes those who have really made the commitment to move into a more meaningful profession from those who are approaching it somewhat half-heartedly.

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