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New campaign to encourage elderly residents to ‘go shopping’ revealed

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 28th December 2016 | Category: General News

Care provider ‘Anchor’ has launched the campaign Standing Up 4 Sitting Down, to reduce loneliness and help motivate elderly people to go out independently, by increasing the amount of seating for those who need it.

Shopping gives older people, particularly those living alone, social contact which is crucial in reducing loneliness. It also gives them exercise, gets them out in the fresh air and enables them to meet up with friends.

Anchor’s chief executive, Jane Ashcroft, said:

“It’s unjust for older people not to have equal access to shops and leisure activities. This generation is often cut off from the online world, so it’s crucial we enable them to connect in other ways. Standing Up 4 Sitting Down calls for change that benefits everyone.

For shops, providing seating is a great opportunity to boost footfall and spending. For older people, it offers the opportunity for important social contact to tackle loneliness, encourages physical exercise, and allows a generation the chance to live later life to its fullest.”

Martin Green, chief executive of Care England said that the campaign identifies a really important issue as “not being able to sit down is a real impediment that stops many older people going out and engaging in society”.

He added:

“As we age, we often have a range of different conditions that can give us pain, or make us breathless and tired. These conditions need not restrict people from engaging with their local communities, but what they do need, is the opportunity to sit and rest before they continue their activities. If there were more opportunities for older people to take a rest during the time they are out, I am confident we would see more older people continuing to pursue community activities.”

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