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This new mobile app will help aid the care of dementia sufferers

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 3rd November 2016 | Category: General News

Personalised care is always important for any care settings and this is highlighted even further for people living with dementia. Finding interesting and exciting ways to engage residents in activities, reminiscence therapy, and life story sessions are no easy task as recently reported that just over half of residents in care homes and their relatives rated activities as ‘Excellent’.

One of the newest innovations and apps which have been created to aid care homes and their staff to deliver resident-specific care is Storii. Storii has been created by Strathclyde University business student, Cameron Graham and recently described as a ‘Facebook for the care sector’, helping to bring families and care home residents together.

The idea for Storii was born after Creator Cameron Graham was hospitalised himself with kidney failure. “The concept for Storii was born when I was in a hospital ward in Glasgow in 2014. I saw an older man struggling with his memory and he was visibly distressed.

“I found it fascinating to see that when his granddaughter came to visit him, together they looked through photographs of his life, which had a profound effect on his memory and temperament – he was much more comfortable around the nursing staff. When she left, he receded back to his previous state.

“I was surprised to learn that there was no go-to product to help carers with a life story and reminiscence work in a care setting. As soon as I learned this, I registered the business, and since then Storii has grown into a tool that helps not only older generations but anyone that wants to store their life memories in one, easy place.”

Primary carers, families and care workers in residential care settings are at the heart of this creation, giving them the option to create personalised life stories for people living with dementia. Care staff can log in and show residents what has been uploaded to their account and run reminiscence sessions to track what is useful for improving a resident’s level of happiness and wellbeing. Families can also use the platform to share family photos and other media.

Though Storii was originally designed to support people with dementia, it is accessible for everyone from a range of ages and abilities and care homes only need one iPad or internet-enabled tablet or computer for all residents at the home to benefit from Storii.

Care staff can add photos of activities at the home to the app and tag different residents in them so their families can be kept up to date with regular activities and events that their loved one is participating in and enjoying.

“There is something you can do for everyone whether it’s looking at pictures of their wedding day or one of their grandchildren’s first day at school. Some of the residents are fully capable of telling you everything that’s happening and enjoy being able to talk about themselves, other residents that are at advanced stages of dementia can explain things when they have a visual aid and a bit of prompting which they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.” Said Mr Shore, a social support worker and IT champion at Newark Care’s Westacres care home in Glasgow.

“Storii allows us to showcase more of what’s going on in the home. Storii has provided us with a platform to present all of the activities that go on in the home each day, there is always something we can document, whether is a large event like a themed restaurant night with performers or an afternoon at the home with a few staff in a lounge singing and dancing and wearing costumes.

“Since using Storii, family and friends of the residents have felt a lot more reassured and comforted by Storii as they have been able to see what the resident has been up to.”

Creator of Storri, Mr Graham commented: “It’s a platform that doesn’t stigmatise, anyone young or old will be happy to use Storii (not just those living with dementia). We pair it with functionality for care organisations allowing them to improve their care processes and access content to be useful in reminiscence and life story work.”

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