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How to present yourself when going for a job in Healthcare

Job in Care

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 19th January 2017 | Category: General News, New Services

Any job interview can be intimidating. But with proper preparation and research into the company you wish to work for. Candidates can approach an interview position as a care assistant with greater confidence and a much higher probability of landing the job.

Here are some example interview questions you will most likely be faced with when going for a job as a careworker:

How do you handle confidentiality in your work?

Interviewers in the care industry will ask questions to find out the level of technical knowledge that a candidate has concerning the duties of a care assistant. In a question such as this, there is an opportunity to demonstrate professional knowledge and awareness. The confidentiality of a person’s medical records is an important factor for a care assistant to bear in mind.

How would you describe your approach to care assistant work?

In general terms, a question such as this gives a candidate the opportunity to talk about their professional philosophy and skills. While the question is general in nature, the best answers are usually quite specific, picking one or two points and exemplifying them with instances from personal history.

What can you offer us that the other candidates can’t?

Remain in a positive mindset and do not say negative things about other candidates. In interview preparation, it is good to think of personal strengths and weaknesses. This question invites a candidate to talk about their strengths.

What is the procedure for dealing with a patient with a brain injury?

Medical knowledge is important in a care assistant role, and a question like this is designed to find out how extensive that knowledge is. It is not necessary to have the same level of knowledge as a doctor or a nurse but outline the basic care approach to the situation. Focus on dealing with inappropriate behaviour, for example.

What do you know about the policies for protecting vulnerable adults?

It is important to have some theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the care assistant’s duties. Give a summary of how to approach, for example, a situation where you notice unexpected bruising or contusions.

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