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Virtual Reality sessions allow care home residents to experience ‘the good old days’

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 2nd November 2016 | Category: General News

Virtual reality (VR) is just one of the newest technology creations to enter the health and care sector. The technology currently being used as a form of therapy, in medical emergencies, and during medical training.

Alzheimer’s Research UK developed an app to aid in giving care staff an insight into what it is like to live with dementia.

Recently, more and more care homes have been incorporating virtual reality sessions into reminiscence and activity sessions for the residents staying in their homes. Working with the North East based company, ‘Reminiscence’, they provide virtual reality reminiscence sessions for care providers across the North East and are planning to further expand across the UK.

Helen McArdle Care Ltd and Countrywide Care Homes Ltd have been hosting numerous virtual reality sessions in their care homes as part of regular reminiscence and activity session.

Participating residents will wear a headset which gives them a full 360-degree view of a location from a point-of-view perspective and is able to track head movements, making for a fully immersive experience.

Sessions allow residents to experience a variety of different locations and events, including beaches, countryside, parks, town centres, sports and dancing events.

The view being experienced on the headset is displayed on a handheld tablet device to allow the home’s activities coordinator to chat with residents about what they’re seeing and experiencing.

Virtual reality sessions can be enjoyed by residents with limited mobility as well as those with both physical and mental health problems as residents can enjoy virtual reminiscence without leaving the home.

Residents can participate in sessions on a one-to-one basis in their rooms or in small groups in communal area depending on their preference and where they feel most comfortable.

Embrace’s Dovecote nursing home in Newcastle-upon-Tyne newly introduced virtual reality during their reminiscence period as part of the home’s activities programme. They have found them to be so effective that they have actually invested in their own headset, to keep in the home full time.

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