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Health Care Assistant – Job Description

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Brief description of employment opportunity

Your main duty as an Educare Staffing care assistant is to provide a high standard of care, some personal, to residents within establishments. You will be following instructions in care plans and providing a support service to the nurse on duty with their tasks.

What you can expect in a day at our client’s establishment?

At the beginning of your shift you will attend a staff handover. At the handovers you will receive a report on any issues that occurred on their shift that you may need to keep an eye out for. After this, you will be assigned to a floor of the establishment where you will be providing care to the residents. Always bear in mind that help is constantly on hand so you should never feel on your own and unsupported.

What we expect;

Whilst you are in employment with Educare Staffing at our client’s establishment, we expect you to;
  1. Build rapport with the service users
  2. Show empathy and patience at all times
  3. Do everything possible to ensure a safe working environment
  4. Participate in moving and handling techniques
  5. Follow each individual care plans
  6. Prepare meals and beverages to residents
  7. Participate in staff meetings/handovers
  8. Provide personal care when needed.
  9. Ensure all clothing are washed correctly and sanitised if required
  10. Attend shifts in a timely and punctual manner
  11. Show willingness to learn
  12. Work overtime if requested
  13. Ensure accurate records are maintained and filed if applicable
Above all… Promote the service user’s independence! Whilst you are in employment with Educare Staffing, we expect you to;
  1. Communicate with us regularly
  2. Follow our timesheet procedure
  3. Ensure you have advised us of what you are working
  4. Attend our staff training programme
  5. Maintain a professional image at all times
  6. Demonstrate confident, efficient services at all times
  7. Wear full uniform – Black trousers, tunic, black shoes, hair tied up if applicable.
  8. Complete required tasks in a timely and efficient manner.