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Sarah – 21 – Registered Nurse – Case Study

Author: Educare Staffing | Posted: 15th November 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

My name is Sarah, I am a nurse for Educare staffing – being a nurse has been my ambition since I left sixth form at the age of 18. My job role entails giving the best care to the vulnerable person. I also help manage a team of support workers, as my nursing position involves management duties. I enjoy the management side of my role as leadership is one of my personal strength. I ensure my team delivers the highest quality of service and receive the care they need. I trained 3 years to become a nurse. I then took up additional training through Educare Staffing to become a midwife. Every year after that I have had to do further training to keep up with current legislations and reccomendations. To be an excellent nurse you must be a good listener, communicator, critical thinker and show passion towards your job. Although there are challenges in these work settings such as dealing with aggressive clients and communicating with users suffering from dementia. To deal with these situations you would have to apply past training exercises you have be taught to calm the situation down. Educare help you manage the obstacles with their training course as they offer a lot to their staff. I usually book myself into regular training course. Hopefully I won’t be going on many more as within the next 5 year I hope to be retired. I would strongly recommend Educare to anyone as I have done In the past.


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